7 Ways To Increase Traffic For Your Magento Website

7 Ways To Increase Traffic For Your Magento Website: As a scalable and high-performing e-commerce solution, Magento has been used and recommended by online merchants residing in different corners of the world. If you too have been running your website using the very popular Magento platform, then this is a post that will help you in getting familiar with unique and simple ways of boosting traffic for your web portal. As the website owner, you need to take full advantage of this effective e-commerce platform to ensure a consistent hike in your sales. Continue reading this post to learn about seven easy techniques of growing traffic for your Magento powered website.

1. Get Active On The Social Media Platform

One of the best means of ensuring that your Magento site is proactive, get on to the social media channel. While LinkedIn is a perfect platform for promoting your B2B Magento site, Twitter will work for you if you’re inclined on getting those snappy backlinks for your site. By integrating your website with renowned social networks, you can conveniently grow its traffic by an impressive level.

2. Opt For A Clear And Straightforward Navigation Menu

Irrespective of how visually appealing your website is, if the visitors aren’t able to locate your e-store, they might choose to navigate to a different website. Hence, while designing the website, do pay special attention to including a clear and straightforward navigation menu. Doing this will allow your visitors and search engines to browse throughout your website in an easy way. Also, make it a point to get rid of all the unnecessary links on a per page basis.

3. Pay Special Attention To Email Marketing

Email marketing is indeed an excellent means of attracting new customers for your business products and services. By sending a friendly email reminder about a brand new product or service launch, you can easily boost traffic for your website. Additionally, within the reminder emails, you can go ahead with providing a link that would directly take the customers to your website, allowing them to make the purchases instantly.

Email Marketing

4. Have Descriptive Page Titles

Descriptive titles are sure-shot tools for attracting the desired audiences towards your Magento website. Ensure that all your page titles include a multitude of targeted keywords that are likely to get indexed by all popular search engines. Fully-optimized page titles can work wonders for improving the SEO visibility of your website in addition to allowing you to achieve a Higher Click Through Rate (CTR).

5. Make Your Magento Website Mobile-Friendly

The fast paced usage of mobile devices has made it crucial for an online business owner to switch to a suitable responsive solution for his/her website. Hence, if you’re still operating a desktop-oriented Magento website, it’s time to make it mobile-friendly. It is the mobile responsiveness of a website which makes it eligible for getting crawled by all the major search engines. Recently, Google has introduced a Mobile-Friendly Test tool which has eased the process of checking whether a Magento website is compatible with mobile devices or not.

6. Assure The Existence Of Great Content On Your Magento Website

It is quality of content that will either make or break the reputation of your Magento website. Whether you’re showcasing a product description, video presentation, a tutorial article or a blog post, paying attention to the content’s quality is of utmost importance. By following such a strategy, you’ll be able to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Assure The Existence Of Great Content On Your Magento Website

7. Opt For Pay Per Click Advertising

While Pay Per Click Advertising expects you to invest a lot of time and money, the technique is a must-follow for all those who want to monetize their Magento websites instantly. Prior to choosing an online campaign like Google AdWords or Yahoo Bing Ads, do make it a point to research everything about such search-engine advertising networks. Don’t forget about the keywords and terms that need to be used in the advertisements. The reason for this is that both, keywords and terms enable you to receive the much-needed clicks on an immediate basis.

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