The Five Secrets About Magento 2 Only A Handful Of People Know

Five Secrets About Magento 2
As we all know, the selection of eCommerce platforms in the market is innumerable. Either company launch new e-commerce venture or want to expand existing store. In both way affirming a right Magento platform could lead to the decision for the future of business as they need a system to handle their growth. Let’s check out the feature of Magento 2 a leading member of the e-commerce platforms community.
Magento has a magnificent history of enabling many e-commerce players to operate successfully. There are two versions of Magento, i.e. Community and Enterprise. Community edition could be the best choice for new players to start their venture with minimum dimes Whereas Enterprise edition is most suitable for established ventures. There is another way to handle growth by a small-medium retailer, is to customize community edition as per requirement. Now Magento 2 enters, it gives the opportunity to control its operations. Let dive into its key aspects
Performance and Scalability Improvements
Magento 2 upgraded its architecture to provide seamless performance and scalability with best available technologies. it includes Full page caching, OPcache, New Relic, HHVM at server side and Modularized LESS, Varnish, SEO optimised pages, static content caching on frontend side. Magento 2 have new indexer have been improved to speed up the query performance. Full page cache now available out of the box. Magento 2 introduced separate databases for order processing and frontend rendering. In Magento 2 Varnish supported by default to help reduce server load and speed up the page load, and is responsible for caching common requests.
Great search options
Magento 2 comes with the vast search feature like Quick Search where product search can be done by product name, description and even product attribute too. This allows the search to be more relevant and precise. Magento 2 have advanced search too which allows shopper to choose attributes or specifications and the search commences based on these relevant inputs
Streamlined Checkout process
Checkout process should be very smooth for high conversion and repeat business. Magento 2 full fill this requirement very efficiently. It has the new Guest checkout, where shopper need not create an account at the time of checkout. It saves address in guest mode too, so shopper return in future he need not enter their address again. Magento 2 removes credit card type from payment information, now it automatically detects based on input number. After checkout shopper can create their account based on information provided during checkout. All these features improve checkout experiences and which reduces cart abandonment rate.
Improved security features
Magento 2 equipped with latest security parameters i.e better password management, random admin URI and flexible file system ownership & permission. Magento 2 has strengthened the hashing algorithms (SHA-256) used in password management. A hash algorithm could elaborate the system strengths against possible data compromises. Exposer of the file system to the unauthorized entity can put data at risk, it may be knowingly or unknowingly but it put the whole system on a threat. To encounter this issue Magento 2 comes with suggestive file permissions to prevent issues related to unauthorized people or processes doing potentially harmful things to the system.
Full Page Caching:
Improved Backend: Magento 2 have several improvements in backend interface over Magento 1. It has simplified navigation with discreet design and little less orange, which makes it more professional and useful. Magento 2 has a robust grid system with lazy-load and inline edit features. The grid also has a powerful filter, which allows customizing and displays filter breadcrumbs for every filtering criterion.The new admin panel is fully responsive and touch-friendly navigation. Magento 2 admin has improved its product management.
Reporting & Analytics
Ease to integrate

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